Trideum Foundation

Our Mission:

a help, a hope & a future

provide a help and a hope in and through local communities by funding charitable projects that provide a catalyst for volunteer participation


Faith Inclusive

It is our experience that when there is a message of hope to go along with service of outreach, that outreach is more effective.

Our government and many corporations often will not fund outreach through faith based organizations, yet it is these very organizations that are best equipped to provide hope to the people they serve. We believe this is wrong so we set up our foundation explicitly to include faith based outreach.

While we support a wide variety of charitable causes, we view faith based outreach as a positive in our evaluations for potential grants. We want to be known as a leader in supporting faith based community outreach and we have supported numerous catholic and protestant organizations that are making a real and lasting difference in the lives of the people that they serve.


Our Strategic Partners

In 2017, the Trideum Foundation announced intentions to begin building strategic partnerships with key organizations and events that resonate well with our values and mission. Six Strategic Partners were chosen for 2017. We still evaluate grant requests from all organizations, but it is our intent to expand these Strategic partnerships in the future.  Each year we will evaluate the list of strategic partners for any needed adjustments.


Grant Requests

Our grants are charitable in nature and focus on providing assistance to those who need it most. We employ four cornerstones of outreach when supporting charitable causes. We Invest by providing financial assistance, we encourage involvement of volunteers both at Trideum and in the community. We inform by helping to share the stories of what great organizations are doing and by helping organizations that provide inspiration as well a helping hand. Lastly we use  our resources and integrate our approach by trying to help connect worthy causes with people who will support them

We specifically seek to :

Provide the Basics of Life - including food, shelter and basic needs. 

Fill the Gaps Where Public assistance is not quite enough from veterans to the disabled to families and children

Answer Prayers - Whether it is providing Christmas for children, paying bills, making repairs or providing medical services we seek to give an extra boost to people when they need it most.

EMPOWER and TRAIN individuals to help themselves rise above their circumstances.

To request a grant, please click on the button below & complete the Application for Non‐Profit Assistance. Any questions may be addressed to